The 30 Day “Live with Your Trainer” Project!

New Year new you!! – The 30 day” live with your trainer” project!

By Adam Doran

so first is first happy Christmas!!!:)

from January the 6th next year me and a certain person will be living together for 30 days!

Yes you heard it right!

We will be living together!

We will both be sticking to the elimination diet that has helped so many people get themselves back to optimal health and in amazing shape!

We will be doing just 1 hours exercise 5 days a week ,  though not just conventional gym work, we will be stimulating all 600 muscles of the body ,as well as working on improving posture, hormone function, sleep cycles , hydration levels and general wellbeing.

o and Also hopefully burning a shed load of fat!

This isn’t the usual run of the mill eat literally nothing diet,

we will be eating when are bodies tell us to, and as much as we want!

So a bit info about the diet??

The diet eradicates toxic foods from are day to day to diet , we will be eliminating caffeine , refined sugar, wheat,  dairy , alcohol and eating lots of wholesome organic foods for 30 days.

You can grab a free copy of this diet from:

as in life nothing is easy,  me and my client will be putting up a weekly blog post of our ups and downs and experiences while were training and eliminating .

I’m not doing this for any personal gain , I’m doing it purely because it’s my passion and I want to help as many people as a can,

so please read, comment and ask any questions ur in the dark about,

Have a great Christmas and new year ,

Much love


Adam Doran

Transformation coach

Dax Moy Personal Training Studios