New Year New You – The 5 Goal Setting Technique

New year new you By Adam Doran

So we’re fast approaching Christmas, that time of year when we (me included) tend to go a bit over the top on Christmassy foods. We tend to fatten ourselves up for the winter, and only after we over indulgence do we start to guilt trip ourselves into a need for a “fresh start”.

From personal experience and previous experience with clients, family and friends, towards New Year we tend to tell ourselves “as soon as that clock strikes past 12 I’m going to change!!!”

I’m going to quit smoking, quit chocolate, quit drinking alcohol, start the gym, and the list goes on… 

Unfortunately even the most resolute of us give up on these New Year’s resolutions after a week and the majority of us give up on these great plans by 2 week in January (me included in this). In fact last year, 88% of people didn’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions at all.

So how can we maximise our chances of success with our New Year’s Resolutions?

By using the 5- goal setting technique illustrated below you can really increase your chances of success:


Let’s set some realistic goals:  


  • Think big, act small:

So what’s think big act small? Pretty much what it says on the tin! Aim high!

Today so many of us tend to set are goals far too small, which more times than not ends up with us getting bored and slipping away from are goal. Aiming high will make your goal something that really, really excites you, drives you, and is worth dedicating yourself to. Take small steps to reach your big goal.



My Goal is to win the premier league (big goal). To reach my goal I will have to win league games (every game is a small step).

Be Specific with your goals

Being specific with your goals has been proven time and time again to help you visualise your success. Set yourself a specific date, even time, that you would like to achieve your goal by. This will make your goal much more achievable.


  • Visualise – How am I going to feel?

Imagining how you will feel is another powerful tool in the goal setting process.

Knowing that when you reach your goal you’ll feel amazing will keep you focused.





  • Visualise – How am I going to look?

Take 5 or 10 minutes to visualise exactly how you will look once you’ve reached your goal. How will my skin will look? My hair? My body? And keep probing deeper until you have a clear vision of how you will look.

 This will help keep you focused and driven towards your goal.


  • Consider – What challenges am I going to face and how will I overcome them?

So we all know it’s not going to be easy right? At the end of the day you’re taking something out of your life that’s probably been part of it for quite a while,

so take five minutes to have a look at where this can go wrong? What will be the hardest part? What will I do when I face these challenges? Answering these questions will help you deal with these problems when you face them, and keep you focused towards your goal.


So there we have it!


The 5 goal setting technique that will keep you on track to reaching your new years eve goals!


Now go give them a try! J



Adam Doran

Level 1 power principles coach


Dax Moy personal training studios


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