Elimination Diet day one …

Elimination diet log

Hi guys My names Adam Doran im a 24 year old trainer from the Isle Of Man, I’ve decided to write this report to track how my body will change over the 30 days and hopefully you guys reading this can have a go yourself. As I’m quite slim as it is ,I don’t expect a huge change in weight but this is to track more than just weight or body fat , it’s also about my general health as well : i.e. my hair , skin , nails ,the way I’m feeling emotionally and my energy levels whilst eliminating .the elimination diet is a clean organic wholesome natural diet, that eradicates toxic foods to improve your cell strength , organ function, hormonal function ,hair,nails,skin,body fat ,energy levels just to name a few.

You can grab a copy of the diet for FREE at http://www.londonpersonaltrainingstudio.com/eliminationdiet/

The measurements:

Body fat: 11.3%

Fat mass: 7.7kg

Weight: 68kg

Muscle mass: 34.4 kg

Day 1

Food log

Meal 1

09.20: 4 eggs half a pack of Scottish smoked salmon

2 litres of water

1 pear

Meal 2

: Rump steak (medium sized) ,half courgette,half broccoli, half red onion,1 garlic clove

2 tablespoons of fish oil

1 litre of water

Meal 3: (3 small steaks)half courgette ,half broccoli, half red onion, tablespoon of chilli powder,refined olive ioil

Late evening supplements:

  • Magnezium: 400 mg
  • Zinc: 2 tablets

930: 1 cup  Tulsi tea ( natural decaffeinated tea)

Day 1 how do I feel????

Well today was my first day on ED so  didn’t really expect the results to show at all today ,I woke around 7:45, had a a few gulps of water and went straight to the studio to do some work. I first ate around half 9 and by late morning the increase in water intake and clean food did start to give me a real buzz of energy . By late afternoon I will be honest and say I felt very tired.

But to finish day one ,the main thing I experienced was getting to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow ,as someone who normally finds it really hard to switch of and just go to sleep this for me is my main positive from day one.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you will give it a try….

🙂 Adam Doran

Dax Moy Personal Training Studios


Day one at dax moy personal training studios.


OK well to start im going to explain a little about what im doing in London? Well I was presented with an application to dax moy personal training , this guy is pretty much the leader in the health and fitness industry, he has won many awards and trained all sorts of A list celebs and royalties, and theres a reason for that! He knows his stuff.

Obviously for all the natural emotions of leaving my family and friends  this was a really hard decision , but when I weighed up the pros and cons , the pros well outweighed the cons.

I mean there are literally thousands and thousands of trainers being churned out from commercial intense 6 week courses , but dmpts is totally different to anywhere ive seen, for a start regardless of how highly qualified you are you will study for 2 months and have to show a good understanding of the hollistic way dax moy works and understand the principles he has put in place to ensure long lasting natural results, before you can even train someone.

So my day started

So lectures started at 9 am , first lecture was with dax about the power principles, I wont go in to much detail, but these are the principles used for every client to ensure  safe powerful results.

Also we had a brief chat about the elimination diet, something all trainers have to experience for the first 30 days as all clients who want to train with dmpts have to also , so its only fair we have gone through the same, right??? Basically this diet eliminates all wheat,refined sugar,alchol,dairy and processed foods,it is a natural wholesome diet that eradicates toxins , balances your hormones , improves your cells health and in turn you will drop fat and feel AMAZING!.

Next we had some mobility with dax , I found this very imformative on how to properly get the whole!! Body up to temperature before training.

then we had lessons on the imt (integrated movement training) with laurie gomes(head coach) , it was a lesson on using natural movement exercises to use with all clients before even touching a weight. I found it very imformative although some of the moves quite difficult as I have my own imbalances .

So to finally sum up my day ,Although I have a lot of learning and hard work to go, im very positive about the path im on with dmpts , everyone seems to really want to help you learn and are very friendly.